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Time to update you on how the Liquid Amino Diet is going!  It has been almost thirty days since I have started the program and I feel so good eating clean!  I have noticed increased energy, less sugar cravings, and feeling generally better all over. However, I do not have any epic weight loss (3 lbs) to report, which is rather frustrating!  I believe the scale is not moving, because I have hit a plateau and cannot seem to break past my body set weight no matter what I do.  Has anyone experienced this before?  I have to confess I did cheat twice within the thirty days by eating plain air popped corn, but I would not think that would cause such a halt.  My metabolism just will not budge. Or my thyroid needs to be checked!  The good news is my BMI is at 23, meaning I am on target for my height and age.

Anyhow, I plan on following the phase 1 diet protocol for another 30 days if possible.  Even though the scale is not moving much, the Liquid Amino Diet has taught me how to eat correctly by cutting out all processed junk and eating the correct portion size.  Eventually, I am hoping my body gives in and the weight will melt off.  I am not giving up and will meet my goal!  However, it is taking a bit longer than I hoped.

You might want to know the most difficult aspect of staying on the diet. To me it was the personal lack of creativity on fixing meals.  There is a bunch of recipes offered on the Liquid Amino Diet website, but I wish they would actually give a set recipe plan to follow in print form to maximize results.  I think this would help weight loss seekers to prepare better for a week’s worth of meals.  Plus, it would be failsafe for individuals who are not comfortable only following the approved food list and need more structure.  I found myself eating mostly salads with 5 ounces of protein (chicken, turkey, or lean beef) on top, which became boring after the first two weeks.  Other than that, the diet was simple to follow.

The important factor to remember is everyone’s body reacts uniquely.  I try keeping that in mind when I get depressed reading hundreds of weight loss success stories and I begin feeling like a failure.  Some things come easy to others like weight loss and then there are those of us who have to work a bit harder to get the positive outcomes we pursue.  The main point is to not to surrender until you get what you want!

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  1. says

    Your doing great by sticking to it. I’m so weak that if the scale didn’t move I think I would have to give in and try something else. But as you said you are at your right BMI so I wouldn’t expect the scale to change much any how. Sometimes it’s more important on how you feel and by the sounds it has helped in many ways there. Great job sticking to it~!

  2. Sandy Cain says

    Wow, you have a lot of willpower. That’s the toughest part of any diet for me – being ab;e to pass up those cravings. Plus, I get discouraged easily. Maybe one day…..but for now, you go, girl!! Give yourself a pat on the back!

  3. Sherrie C. says

    I hadn’t heard of the liquid amino diet until now so I’ll be really interested to hear more about it. For the past 7 months, I’ve been on a no carb diet and have lost nearly 100 pounds on it. I’ve cut my regular portions in half but do occasionally have a piece of bread or potato when I go out to eat. I’ve also cut sugar out of my diet. Its frustrating but I’ve hit a few plateau’s along the way but fortunately, the weight has been melting off and I feel 100% better than I did before. .