Spring Cleaning Tips for Detoxifying & Decluttering The Home


Spring Cleaning Tips

A Spring Cleaning Survey by the Soap and Detergent Association (SDA) reveals that a whopping 98% of Americans feel good about themselves when their house is clean, and that 97% believe their families appreciate a clean home (not too surprising)! What most consumers might not know is that the annual ritual of “Spring Cleaning” goes beyond tidying away the usual suspects—dust, dirt, and grime.

Now that the spring cleaning “fever” is upon us, rather than just focusing on surface issues, why not delve deeper and rethink how you go about doing your daily chores? No matter how small, each space in your home, from the laundry room to the kitchen, poses a risk to your overall household efficiency or even your health.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, here are some simple spring cleaning tips you can take, room by room, to refresh your cleaning habits, save time, and help keep your home clean in every sense of the word!

Spring Cleaning Tips for Detoxifying & Decluttering The Home

Laundry Room: Everyone knows how time consuming laundry can be and how expensive dry cleaning bills can be. Following directions and  “handling with care” can eat up time and money.  A nonstick iron with a retractable cord such as T-fal ‘s Ultraglide Easycord Iron solves both problems – fighting wrinkles quickly and steaming fabric (horizontally or vertically) using  scratch resistant nonstick soleplates, not to mention it features a self-cleaning system . $39.00-$49.00 at Amazon.com.

Garage:  Instead of letting unnecessary and containers build up, why not limit the amount of store-bought packaged items you use? De-cluttering your kitchen can be as simple as investing in an appliance that makes a household food staple easier for you handle, such as the Balanced Living Juicer. The juicer whips up all-natural fruit or vegetable juice in a matter of allowing for a larger amount to be made and stored, rather than filling your space with piled up plastic bottles or non-recyclable cartons. $66.99 at Amazon.com.

Kitchen Cupboards: Old and overly used pots and pans (especially Teflon nonstick), can make for an unhealthy kitchen environment. Choosing to cook using a clean ceramic nonstick, non-toxic, and recyclable pan is the great way to keep your utensils and meals free of chemicals and toxins such as toxins such as PFOA, PTFE and cadmium. A great nonstick cookware alternative like WearEver Pure Living is a healthy option and won’t chip or peel as Teflon does. $24.99-$79.99 at Walmart.com.

Kitchen Counter:  When preparing meals in the kitchen, always be aware of the types of materials you are cooking withas synthetically made cookware and gadgets can contain harmful materials that not only impact your food negatively, but can have unsafe health side effects to your health. Rethink using the microwave and try new tools. For example, using a naturally made tool such as IMUSA’s Asian Bamboo Steamer will cook your food in the simplest way possible without while retaining flavor, vitamins and nutrients in your food. $14.99 at Target.com. 

Bathroom & Bedroom: Sometimes, all it takes a fresh aromatic scent to keep some of the rooms you spend the most time in clean and relaxing. A simple, yet alluring candle such as one from Decléor, fills the air with a vibe of relaxation, and adds a finishing touch to your already clean space. $39.00 at DecleorUSA.com.

Guest post by Lauren W

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  1. says

    Great tips…and like you said a great smelling candle can make a room seem much more clean and relaxing

  2. says

    I just love spring cleaning and de-cluttering. Whenever I have some free time, I choose a room or a closet to tackle. I always feel great when I get rid of unused and no longer unwanted items.

  3. says

    Who the heck are the 2% that don’t enjoy a clean home? I agree with Elsy Spring cleaning and a trip to Goodwill drop off always go hand in hand in my home. Some of us in the mid-west are still waiting for Spring though :-)

  4. Priscilla Benavides says

    We live in an apartment complex and right now management is in the middle of installing new cabinets in our kitchen and restrooms and our house is absolutely cluttered to the max with all the things we had in there but it makes it the perfect time to star on our spring cleaning!