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Have you ever tried reducing the clutter in your home?  It’s a challenging process, since everything appears like it possesses a great purpose, place, or has an emotional attachment associated with it.  However,  I am aware I have got products within my home I haven’t used in more than half a year which should be placed in storage, sold or donated to charity.  Being cooped up throughout the winter season has made me comprehend precisely how essential it  is to eliminate the house of the needless stuff and get a jump on the spring cleaning task so I can relax during the hectic months ahead!

The most difficult places for me to organize and clear away things no longer used are my son’s and daughter’s bedrooms.  Purely as a result of being hesitant to part with playthings, clothing, along with other things which reminds me of their younger years.  I hold onto these items as if they are gold!  Nevertheless, I know they might be put to good use by children in need and it’s time  to begin weeding out the extensive collection of clutter.

Where to Begin

The real question is where to begin?  The first step to tidying up the mess and achieving a less stressful environment would be to start by organizing everything into four groups.  A good method to accomplish this is to get  three boxes and one airtight storage  container and label them with the categories below.

Trash – This ought to consist of all unwanted items which you cannot recycle or give away.  Broken or damaged objects should be placed in this box if it’s impossible to repair or utilize them.

Donate/Sell – Products you intend on giving to a good cause or selling should be in good shape and still have some monetary worth.  If you don’t believe it could be sold in a yard sale than it shouldn’t be donated and needs to go into the “trash” box.

Storage ( storage container) – Stuff you are unable to put into use within your home, but  can’t part with will need to go into this airtight container,  such as seasonal apparel, toys, ect.   Be sure you compose a list of all belongings in the container and tape it to the base of it so you’re able to find what you are searching for at a later time.

Keep – Things you require in your home and need to be put away go here.  This box really should contain only the essential items you need around the house.  Try to remember, you are attempting to eradicate the clutter.  In the event you haven’t used the item in six months it has no place within this box and needs to go into the trash, donate, or storage container.

Continue doing this method for each and every room inside your home.  Complete one space before moving to another and work room-by-room ensuring to dispose off the trash prior to going to the next area.

Storing Your Items

Littering your home with storage containers will make your dwelling feel overcrowded and unsettled.  The whole concept is to rid yourself of the excess clutter, not to create organized clutter by stacking multiple boxes within your closets, garage, and attic.    A great affordable solution could be to rent a Zippy Shell mobile container.  The company offers portable storage in Washington DC and Maryland.  All you do is call up Zippy Shell and they will deliver a portable storage container directly to your door.  You can load it up at your leisure, and phone them when it’s full to pick up. Zippy Shell will bring it back to  their secure facility where it can stay as long as you need it to.  Now your house is free from the storage items and you’ll be able to take pleasure in the additional living space!

Keeping Your Home Clutter Free

You have decluttered your home and it’s much easier to clean, feels spacious, and comfy.  It’s not a secret regarding how to maintain it to remain this way—–STOP BUYING STUFF YOU DON’T NEED!  In particular, one significant contributor to clutter is useless knick-knacks.  Figurines don’t provide any purpose within the home and make for dusting and cleaning a headache.  If they don’t have a emotional value,  pack them up and get rid of them.  Don’t bring anymore trinkets into your house!   You will end up freeing up your time and space by avoiding the evil eye-candy that merely accumulates dust!

FTC Disclosure: “This post is in association with our friends at Zippy Shell.”

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  1. says

    This is something that seems to be easier said than done for some.
    We have a problem here, and I really want to get rid of the clutter.
    Thanks for your article, it might be the first in a quest to accomplish this.

  2. Shelly Peterson says

    We definitely need to do some spring cleaning and declutter. I have been in my current home for 13 years so there is a lot to go through. Thanks for some great ideas

  3. Marysa N. says

    I hear you about no trinkets! We don’t ‘do’ trinkets or stuffed animals!
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  4. says

    I’ve started to dabble in the spring cleaning but it will be at least two more weeks before the big start begins. However I went through a bunch of stuff and ended up with a whole lotta trash for the garbage man this Tuesday. It’s a start I guess but I have a long way to go. I hate clutter and disorganized stuff. When I need something I want to be able to find it easily. I moved and now I have no idea where anything is and I hate it. Good luck with your spring cleaning I know I’ll need some luck to get this place in order lol.