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TriDerma MD

TriDerma MD Intense Fast Healing Cream
Product Description: Intense Fast Healing cream contains more than 200 healing properties to help provide faster healing for minor to severely damaged skin from cuts, scrapes, rashes, blisters, burns, sunburn, sores, cosmetic procedures and other hard-to-heal skin irritations. Daily use helps provide protection against skin breakdown. This highly concentrated cream combines powerful AP4 Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe, vitamins, minerals and essential botanicals to make it the perfect multi-purpose skin healer. Its Cortisone-free formula makes it safe to use on men, women and children.If you have dry, damaged or irritated skin, this potent healing cream is the solution. It’s formulated to heal. Its unique medical strength combination makes it effective for even the toughest skin problems. Take it with you daily, pack it in your suitcase or keep this cream in the medicine cabinet. It’s powerful, yet gentle enough to use as an everyday moisturizer for face and body.

Safe, fast healing without a prescription


  • . AP4 Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe is a proprietary complex that naturally contains over 200
  • healing properties to reduce swelling, fight bacteria and help relieve pain
  • · Vitamins A, B, D, and E add extra healing power.
  • · Zinc and Oat Protein help heal and calm skin
  • · Cortisone-free formula provides safe healing without damaging skin
  • · Recommended By Dermatologists
  • · Non-Greasy/Fragrance Free
  • · NO Cortisone or Parabens
  • · Made in USA


Apply generously to the affected area at least twice a day. For faster results, apply more often. Safe to use on children and any delicate or sensitive skin area. Daily use helps maintain healthy skin.


I tried this cream on myself and went to some extraordinary measures to test if it truly worked. One of the claims of this product is that it was a great antidote to razor burn. I decided to dry shave a small patch of skin on my outer leg with my husbands facial razor. I waited a while until I could feel some burning sensation…OUCH…and applied the cream. The consistency of the cream is fairly thick but absorbs rather quickly. After the first application I could still feel a small bit of sensitivity so I rubbed a tiny more on which soothed my skin. It clearly calmed the burning after a few minutes. The cream is also non-greasy as promised and leaves the skin feeling silky soft. Since us ladies tend to shave our legs more often during the summer months, this would be a perfect item to keep assessable!

Skin Care For Babies and Toddlers

TriDerma Baby Extreme Itch & Dryness Fast Healing Cream

Product Description:

Extreme Itch & Dryness Fast Healing Cream combines the most effective natural healing ingredients available to for red, irritated, dry skin, itching, and chafing. Its much more than a moisturizer-providing significantly higher levels of nature’s best for fast, powerful healing. Our exclusive AP4 Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe complex naturally contains over 200 healing properties to help reduce swelling, fight bacteria, relieve redness and soothe pain, Oat Protein and Vitamins work to moisturize, calm and protect skin while Zinc PCA provides faster healing. Urea, nature’s true moisturizer, helps relieve itchiness and soothe baby’s delicate skin.

Extreme Itch & Dryness Fast Healing Cream is a medical strength formula that helps heal and maintain healthy skin without harmful cortisone or steroids. Studies have revealed that moisturizing is essential since one of every four babies needs special care for dryness, rashes, and eczema like symptoms which can appear anywhere on the body. This concentrated cream helps lock in vital moisture and reinforce the skin’s natural barrier.

Recommended By Pediatricians
Safe for all ages


  • Exclusive AP4 Aloe
  • Proven Healing Botanicals, Zinc, Soothing Oats, and Vitamins A, B, D, & E
  • Non Greasy Fragrance Free
  • Contains No Cortisone


Apply 1 to 3 times daily, or as directed by a physician. Apply after bathing.


I tested this product on both Aiden and Kylie. Kylie every year gets a flair up of eczema during the winter. She has a small red inflamed rash area on her leg below her knee cap. Since TriDerma says it is for safe for all ages I wanted to see if it would possible work on her skin. Before she went to bed, I generously spread the cream over the red patch. I checked her leg in the morning and could not believe what I saw. It literally lightened the reddened skin and smoothed out the rash. I honestly did not think I would see any noticeable improvement so soon but TriDerma MD proved me wrong! This cream really works!

Aiden’s skin is just a little dry from his daily bath but doesn’t seem to have any other problems…Thank God! I smoothed some over his legs, torso, and arms to moisten his skin and protect it. He seemed to enjoy the massage which relaxed him. The cream made his skin feel so soft and creamy.

TriDerma Baby Severe Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream

Product Description:

Severe Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream is a medical strength formula with FIVE times more healing power than traditional diaper rash creams. Clinically proven ingredients help provide fast healing for the most severe and hard to heal rashes. This non-greasy cream instantly soothes tender skin and begins the healing process while protectants help prevent recurrence.

The Severe Diaper Rash Fast Healing Cream works on contact with highly concentrated levels of unique healing ingredients for fast relief and even faster healing. Our exclusive AP4® Genuine Virgin Organic Aloe complex naturally contains over 200 healing properties to reduce swelling, fight bacteria, relieve redness and help soothe pain. Allantoin, Dimethicone and Beeswax offer superior healing and non-greasy wetness protection, unlike traditional diaper rash creams that use Zinc Oxide which only forms a white sticky barrier. St. Johns Wort, Zinc PCA, Vitamins, Oat Protein and moisturizing Shea Butter provide even more healing power to give baby a healthy bottom.


  • Exclusive AP4 Aloe
  • Zinc, Beeswax, Allantoin, and Vitamins A, B, D, & E
  • Creamy Non-Greasy
  • Easy Clean Up


Change wet and soiled diapers promptly. Cleanse the diaper area and allow to dry. Apply cream liberally as often as necessary with each diaper change, especially at bedtime or anytime when exposure to wet diapers may be prolonged.


I could not test the cream on how well it worked in healing a diaper rash since my son’s bottom is rash free at the moment. However, I did tryout if TriDrema was easy to apply. In the past I have used diaper rash creams that left a white sticky mess all over my hands and his clothes. The TriDerma cream was thick but non sticky and dissolved completely. It was a cinch to apply! Even though he doesn’t have a rash, I am going to use it nightly before he goes to bed to protect his bottom while he sleeps.


I found all four of the TriDerma MD Skin Products to be superb. Each cream appeared to work in healing the skin without the greasy film or side effects you might experience with other products. Free from fragrance, Cortisone, Paraben and other damaging drugs, they safely and effectively moisturize, soothe, plus protect the skin.

TriDerma MD products are available at Walgreens, Duane Reade, and The TriDerma MD Baby products are available at Babies R Us.

I am not affiliated with TriDerma nor is this a paid review. I am not a physician or medical authority and the results are of my own personal/family experiences.

Product description and directions borrowed directly from product packaging.

TriDerma MD Intense Fast Healing Cream Giveaway!

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