The Christening Gift Etiquette’s Rules

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Despite all myths and fears that an inexperienced godparent may have, it is not so difficult to find an appropriate christening gift for a baptized infant. If you know the proverb “born with a silver spoon in his mouth”, then you already have a great christening gift idea. The expressions directly hints on the most common and traditional christening gift according to baptism traditions – a silver spoon.

Not only spoons but also jewelry pieces and cutlery made of silver will be the perfect gifts according to christening etiquette. You can present silver cups, eating utensils, spoons or porridge bowls to the baptized child’s parents. It will be a nice touch to make these christening gifts personalized – add some religious quotes or do an engraving with the child’s name.

When to give christening gifts?

A christening ceremony is usually a small party of close family, godparents and friends from the congregations of the parents’ church. Attending a christening part is appropriate only if you were invited in advance. In addition, most of guests are not invited to the church but to a reception after a ceremony. The christening ceremony reminds a baby shower. Usually these two events are hold within a month or two from each other. That is why if you have already gave a gift at a baby shower, you do not have to bring an expensive gift to a christening party (of course it refers only to regular guests, not to godparents). You can choose a small christening gift or give parents a card with good wishes and a chocolate basket.

Other great christening gift ideas according to traditional baptism etiquette:

  • religious-themed gifts – a children’s Bible or a refined cross to hold above a baby’s cradle;
  • inspirational-themed items – picture frames or keepsake books with inspirational quotes or embroidered pieces of baby clothes;
  • useful-for-the-baby christening gifts – blankets, outfits, eating utensils and monetary gifts;
  • handmade gifts – you can make something by yourself like crocheted lace gowns, bonnets or blankets.

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  1. Tammy S says

    This is great info! When our children were christened we received a very nice cross to hang in each of their rooms. It will be theirs to take with them when they move out some day. Which is still a long long ways off.

  2. Julie Wood says

    These are really good ideas to give for a Christening. I like giving a religious item for the baby. I also think it is such a nice thing to do as a god parent is to stay in touch with the child and see how they are doing all through their lives. My God parents remembered me all through my life and gave me a Present for my birthday and Christmas every year until I was 18.