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You put your children in a brand name high chair and assume they’re completely safe. After all, high chairs are regulated items and each product that is manufactured and sold must meet a set of safety criteria, right? Not necessarily!

More and more, parents are taking note of the fact that ambitious and inquisitive little ones are finding themselves able to wiggle their way out of most high chairs with relative ease. Whether they aren’t enjoying mealtime or see something exciting on the table and want to investigate, kids are geniuses when it comes to squirming their way to wherever they want to be. At best, this makes mealtime a challenge for parents. At worst? It can result in real injuries for your baby.

BibbySitter has the solution to your high chair safety concerns. The BibbySitter is a full-body safety bib that was designed specifically to keep your little one safely secure in his or her high chair. The BibbySitter is made of the highest quality, machine washable fabric and comes in seven bold colors. The bib is attached in the back so you can easily slide it on and off your child, but they can’t undo it. The fabric is comfortable and fits almost all high chairs.

How does it work? The BibbySitter is incredibly easy to attach to a high chair. Simply slide your child’s arms through the armholes (as if you were putting a jacket on) and Velcro in the back. Once your little one in securely in the bib, slide the chair strap through the high chair from the back and clip on to the bib. That’s it. Your child is now ready to eat! This adorable YouTube video shows exactly how it works!

BibbySitter bibs fit all children between 14 and 34 pounds and is now being offered at a discounted price. Visit BibbySitter’s website ( to learn more and order yours today.

Disclosure: This post is in association with our friends at BibbySitter

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  1. Mer says

    What a great idea for little wigglers. I also like that it’s machine washable.

  2. Heather Bridson says

    Interesting.. but seems a little like tying down your kid…

  3. Terri Herman says

    This is too cool! That should be helpful in keeping them safe and sound.

  4. latanya says

    I like the concept especially the face that your child cannot undo the bib or try to take it off.

  5. Dena Sablotny says

    Sounds like a product all parents can use and feel their baby is secure enough.

  6. Diana Stanhope says

    I wish I would have had something like this when mine where little wiggle worms.

  7. says

    This reminds me of a straight jacket!! We used to tie patients up in the hospital with something like this a posey jacket which was banned from use! I don’t know about it but I bet it works. We had demented patients get out of them sometimes and I couldn’t figure how they did it. Thanks for letting me know. I think this would be good on a boat or something like that.

  8. Heather! says

    Too bad this didn’t exist when our kids were little enough to need it. Very clever and essential product!

  9. Danielle E. says

    What a great idea. I always used to worry about the little ones slipping down in the chair.