Internetwork Professional Cisco Certification Exams



Implementing internetwork solutions is the task of the professional internetworking service provider and Cisco certification exams are offered in all aspects of this highly valued discipline. The unique skill set needed in a service professional that specializes in Internetwork solutions is advanced and as such, the Cisco cert exams for validating your abilities in this field are quite challenging.

If you’re interested in documenting only certain aspects of your skill set or in obtaining a formal credential from Cisco that validates your well rounded skills in this niche, you’ll want to consider the following exams:

  • 642-833 – Network Routing
  • 642-885 – Advanced Routing
  • 642-887 – Next Generation Core Network Services
  • 642-889 – Next Generation Edge Network Services

Each of these Cisco exams measures a key set of skills in the internetwork service provider field and validating your skills in each area is a means of advancing your career. Whether you’re looking to gain more attention and perhaps a promotion from your current employer, or are considering getting back into the job market in search of a new position, Cisco certification exams build strong and well respected credentials.

Achieving strong performance on your certification exams requires dedicated study. You must spend a good deal of time learning the materials that will appear on the exam and should take every opportunity to expand your hands on experience with the technology in question. Using a strong a reputable exam prep service provider like is also recommended for strong performance with your Cisco certification exams.

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