FREE FRANKENWEENIE Science Activity Guide!



In celebration of yesterday’s release of FRANKENWEENIE on Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download,  I am happy to share with you this  19-page science activity guide courtesy of Disney!

The Frankenweenie Activity Guide introduces children to a series of three lesson adventures designed to help them step into Victor’s shoes as a scientist. These electrifying explorations are aligned to National Science Education Standards and integrate hands-on experiments.

So go on and take an electrifying adventure with your kids. No pets (deceased or otherwise) necessary!

How many of you ran out and purchased FRANKENWEENIE already?  We did not get the chance to see the movie in theaters, but we are very excited to see it on Blu-ray!  Keep watching for my review coming soon!

Download Frankenweenie Science Activity Pack

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