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Mattel never ceases to amaze me with their cool toys!  The company’s brands such as Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Fisher-price, and Barbie are just a few of the well-known named toys that have been enriching children’s lives for decades.   My husband still has his favorite Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars from his childhood and now my son is enjoying playing with the same toys his daddy did over 35 years ago.  Their fun toys are built tough to last through generations.

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If you are shopping for a little boy this season and searching for a toy that can deliver hours of exciting entertainment, look no further than Mattel’s Matchbox Big Boots Dino Adventure Squad Vehicle!  Constructed to endure intense action play, this massive vehicle comes equipped with four Big Boots figures, one mean T. Rex Dinosaur figure, one all-terrain vehicle, and accessories.  Boys will have a blast racing the truck to the rescue and saving the day by launching the Big Boots figures to capture the wild beast before it unleashes its wrath on the neighborhood.

Mattel Big Boots

What is extremely awesome about this toy is there is several ways to catapult the Big Boots into action!  You can launch them from the front or side of the vehicle by pulling out the rear fender, send them flying through the air from the crane by pressing a button on the side, or surprise the dino with a sneak attack by having the figure slide down the ramp onto the ATV (included) and zoom out of the back of the squad vehicle after the T.Rex.  Also, boys can pretend to have the Big Boots be attacked by grabbing a character with the dinosaur’s mouth and launching it backwards with a push of his tail.  Better yet, push down the dino’s head with a Big Boots figure on his tail to hurl the figure up and over!  No matter what they decide, the Big Boots will also land on their enormous feet and spring back into action to get ready for the next adventure.

Mattel Big Boots2

Additionally, the large vehicle has a missile tower letting the user pretend to scope out the dino and send missiles blasting towards the beast.  Once the menacing dinosaur has been finally shot down and captured, he can be placed into the dino cage on the truck for safe transporting.

Matchbox Big Boots Dino Adventure Squad

My five year old son absolutely LOVES playing with the Big Boots Dino Adventure Squad toy.  As soon as the box arrived, he could not wait to rip it open to play with the toy!  He sat on the floor for hours just imagining different ways to take down the dinosaur with the Big Boots characters.  Once the weather warms up again I know he is going to want to take it outside and create more exciting scenarios,  which is fine since the toy can withstand outdoor play.  However, I think he had the most fun placing the characters in the dino’s mouth and hurtling them through space!  Too funny!  My daughter and husband got in on the fun and tried the Big Boots Dino Adventure Squad out as well!  Furthermore, there is the option of expanding the dino adventures by purchasing additional Big Boots figures and the Dino Chopper vehicle making the toy even more exciting.

Matchbox Big Boots Dino Adventure Squad Play

The vehicle, Big Boots figures, ATV, and accessories provide lots of fun for the price and would make the perfect gift this holiday season!  It normally retails for $40.99 , but is available for purchase at Amazon for only $34.97!


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  1. Kelly D says

    My son would love the combination of the truck and dinos and I am sure he would have a lot of fun with the launching action & options.

  2. Tina Renee Barker says

    This would be a great toy for my nephew. I especially love the menacing dinosaur! Too cute!!

  3. kasey says

    How cute! Much cuter with the dinosaur than it would have been otherwise, and it looks like kids could come up with lots of different ways to play with it (like yours did!).

  4. Amy Orvin says

    Oh little nephew would be in 7th heaven with this toy and Mattel is a brand I trust!

  5. Matt Stringham says

    This would be fun. Too bad I dont have a son to give this to.

  6. Ashley Hatten says

    saw these @ Target yesterday I almost bought this one but wasn’t sure about it…thanks for the review I think this will be something my kids will like

  7. Leslie L. Stanziani says

    What kid would not like this.Big trucks and dinosaurs are a perfect combo.My son is asking for this but my wallet will wait for it to go down in price lol.

  8. Donna C. says

    My nephew would love this. You can’t go wrong with Matchbox toys.

  9. Barbara Montag says

    This is a unique toy – sure to be enjoyed by all.
    And great price at Amazon!

  10. Terri says

    Glad I saw this! My daughter is looking for something fun and imaginative for a friend’s son. Just the ticket! Thanks!

  11. Raine says

    I love the huge feet, my son is too old (I wish he was little because I love playing with these toys lol) It looks so much fun, I know alot of kids will love it!

  12. Vera says

    My son would love this, he’s 4 1/2 and this looks durable and fun. Love how you can shoot the big boots with the crane, really neat. I have a younger child too, and I love that the big boots are big enough that I don’t have to worry about my youngest choking on them. Great toy.

  13. Bella T. says

    I didn’t realize how big it was until I saw the real photos! I know a little one who would love this!

  14. Sandy V. says

    My nephew likes both dinosaurs and toy trucks so this would be ideal for him.

  15. clynsg says

    That would be great for my grandson–have already gotten everything for Christmas, but his birthday is in just a couple of months, so maybe for that.

  16. Heather says

    My son and nephew would absolutly love this. I actually might buy one for them both!

  17. Tanya White says

    This is awesome ,my son has a ton of matchbox items, I bet he will beg me for this one next.

  18. says

    This is an awesome toy. I dont have a boy in my family but even girls could play with it easily

  19. Lily Kwan says

    The Big Boots Dino Adventure Squad toy looks very nice. Thanks for the interesting and informative review!

  20. Janet W. says

    My grandson loves dinosaurs and trucks so this would be a match made in heaven for him! How fun!

  21. says

    I like that it comes with some accessories and You don’t have to buy them separate.They can use their imagination for hours and hours of play.

  22. D Schmidt says

    This is something my son has asked for and I actually had no idea it was so great until I read your review!

  23. says

    This is an incredibly awesome toy and completely shatters the common image that comes to mind when one hears the brand “Matchbox.”

  24. Rich Hicks says

    our son would love to have this. I can see him playing with it for days and days and days!

  25. Susan Smith says

    This would be a great toy for my nephew, I like that it’s different from any other toy available.

  26. Leslie L. Stanziani says

    My 5 year old is still wanting these.I think I am going to get them for his birthday.

  27. Sandy V. says

    Wow, this is a really nice high quality toy. My nephew likes matchboxes anyway so this would be great for him.