Worth Of Stay-at-Home Mom VS Stay-at-Home Dad


The particular hot debate involving stay-at-home moms and working-out-of-the-home mothers regarding which makes a more suitable mom has gone on for decades. Typically the meandering disagreement generally ruffles feathers of women who really feel passionate about the choices they’ve made. Nevertheless, almost nothing gets the “Mommy Wars” even more fired up than the heated up topic involving just how much a stay-at-home mom may be worth in means of financial value.

The limited thinking that stay-at-home mommies happen to be nothing more than professional cookie bakers plus nose wipers is utterly absurd. We are much more and play a multi-dimensional purpose in the home. Moms possess never-ending jobs of being full-time cooks, housekeepers, janitors, psychologists, chauffeurs, laundry operators, financial managers, plus  more. Is it any wonder the Gallup survey reported stay-at-home mothers fare a whole lot worse compared to employed moms at just about every degree in terms of unhappiness, frustration, in addition to depression?  We are over worked!

How Much Is a Stay-at Home Mom Worth?

So, in the event that we performed each one of these positions within the workforce just how much would we end up being compensated? Salary. com seems to have helped place an actual dollar amount upon all those things moms carry out. The company surveyed over 8, 000 mothers to determine precisely what their top 10 most time-consuming jobs are along with the amount of  time each week they devote to each one. Based on this information, they concluded the average stay-at-home mom juggles a 94. 7 hour work week! Taking into consideration overtime and implementing salary data provided by employers, an average stay-at-home mom’s 2012 total earnings would be $112, 962. I could merely wish to collect such a wonderful paycheck! If you glance at the infographic down below you will see the base salary of a stay-at-home mom is ONLY $37, 022 with the majority of the annual pay out originating from overtime in the amount of $75, 941.


Progressively more men are making a decision to hang up their workforce uniforms ultimately deciding upon the conscious determination to remain home and raise children. In fact. a report revealed the number of males who noted being full-time stay-at-home fathers leaped FOUTHY-SIX percent over 2011. Nowadays, it’s far more socially acceptable for men to become stay-at-home dads and fathers are actually taking on the role of primary caregiver at home,  implementing the wife to be the sole breadwinner. Role reversal is not uncommon anymore.

How Much Is a Stay-at-Home Dad Worth?

Just as Salary.com calculated the worth of a stay-at-home mom, the company also did the same for a stay-at-home dad by surveying greater than 1, 800 dads this year. They estimated Dad’s money making potential using the Dad Salary Wizard, a powerful interactive program making it possible for dads and their loved ones to be able to price the position of being a father. Dads revealed which 10 tasks they dedicate the most time engaging in – from Computer Operator to Day Care Teacher to Facilities Manager – and just how much time they spend doing each activity. Using its comprehensive earnings data, Salary. com calculated Dad’s earning power (based on the national base wages of the jobs) would be $61,814.  The figure was reached by taking into account that the average stay-at-home dad juggles a 52.9 hour work week.  View the infographic for the comprehensive breakdown.


The Comparison

Exactly where am I going with this? Should you do a comparison of the worth of sahms as opposed to sahds you will notice a dad’s basic salary is  in excess of four thousand more annually. Why?  Furthermore, a stay-at-home mother works 41 more hours than a dad! What? I’m certainly not attempting to begin a war of the genders here, yet a little something smells incredibly wrong! This is my personal conclusion. Men are still highly valued above women regardless of what the position is and females have got to work two times as hard and long even at jobs they’re prone for being superior in. Either the analysis is grossly flawed or simply modern society hasn’t progressed as much as we would like to believe!

Point To Remember

Perhaps the point to remember is,  no matter whether you’re a working out of the home mom or dad, or a stay-at-home mom or dad, the worth you hold is without a doubt priceless within your family home.  Each and every one of us has a valuable part to perform. Attempting to place a financial number upon everything that we do is much like endeavoring to count the leaves on all the trees within the world—-it’s impossible and infinite!

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  1. Larry says

    This comparison is not really a true comparison. It is almost saying if dad stays home he does nothing once moms returns from work and by the way he does nothing on the weekend. Clearly the study assumes a mom does everything and dad does only what he absolutely has to. Why else would they assume that a sahm works 7 days a week while a sahd only works 5.

    A SAHD who works 7 days a week!

  2. says

    I agree Larry it is a sad comparison! The whole thing is a bad stereotype and that’s what I was trying to get at. Except I do believe men are valued more in this society and women still have to prove they can do the job by working harder and longer for less pay.

  3. Brett Daniels says

    My wife and I are both stay at home parents. She stayed home in the beginning when our son was born and instead of going back to work outside of the home, she was able to turn her old position in to a work from home postition. I am lucky enough that I’ve always worked from home, but it’s safe to say that being a stay at home/work from home parent is extremely challenging, it doesn’t matter if it’s the mother or father staying home. It’s hard to put a price on what one would be worth because it’s truly a priceless, exhausting, and sometimes thankless job and it is very much under rated. My wife and I just read a book called “The Barefoot Executive” by Carrie Wilkerson, barefootexecutivebook.com, it’s an awesome book and definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a stay at home/work at home parent.

  4. Carole says

    Interesting , my husband stayed at up for only 6 months with our first daughter… after, I stayed at home with our second daughter and I’m doing it again with our son :). I don’t think one is better then the other, honestly, it’s whomever is a better fit at the time.