DIY 12 Ft. By 14 Ft. PVC Greenhouse For $100!


PVC Greenhouse

Can you believe there is only 21 days left until spring?  The winter season is nearly behind us and I’m ready to escape into the great outdoors and enjoy the warm weather activities. I can’t wait to begin digging and planting my garden!

Last year I purchased my plants at a well known home store.  The plants appeared to be healthy, but many of them didn’t develop any vegetables or if the plants they ended up being flavorless.  This year I’m thinking about buying non-hybrid (open pollinated) and non GMO seeds instead from a trustworthy retailer.  Recent research has shown that many of the vegetables, grains and fruits grown from hybrid seeds are nutrient-deficient and veggies produced from open pollinated seeds offer better nutrition and taste.  On top of that,  seeds tend to be more cost-effective than buying full grown plants and there’s just something special about watching a tiny seed sprout into a magnificent healthy plant.

If I’m planning to start off my crops from seeds I undoubtedly want a greenhouse!  Having a greenhouse will allow me to start plants quickly and get them in the garden in a healthy manner.  It will also help provide warmth and protection from the elements which seem to be incredibly unpredictable these days.

Nevertheless, I don’t have a lot of money to invest into creating a greenhouse, so I was considering attempting to build one myself along with the aid of my hubby.  I searched the web for do-it-yourself greenhouses and found a fairly easy plan to construct a relatively inexpensive 12 feet by 14 feet, high tunnel greenhouse using PVC pipe for about $100.  The materials necessary can simply be bought at a neighborhood home improvement store or building supply online store and include:

(16) 10-foot lengths of ¾”, schedule-80 PVC pipe

(6) 4-way, or cross, Schedule 80 PVC Fittings

(2) 3-way, or tee, CPVC Fittings

PVC cement to secure joints

(32) ¾” galvanized EMT (electrical metallic tubing) straps

(2) 2”x6”x14’ treated wood boards

(2) 2”x6”x12’ treated wood boards

(4) 2”x4”x7’ treated wood boards

(4) 2”x4”x6’ treated wood boards

(4) 4”x4”x2’ treated wood boards

(2) 2”x4”x3’ treated wood boards

(2) 1”x4”x12’ treated wood boards

1 set of door hinges

1 Sheet of 24’x20’ 4-mil UV-resistant clear plastic film

1 Can of PVC cleaner

1 Can of PVC cement

Nails, screws, and staples

A saw or pipe cutter

A drill

A stapler

A GFCI outlet (if you’ll be using an electrical heating system or a power tool inside)

The greenhouse is suppose to be capable of supporting  up to 4 inches of snow.  If you reside in a snowy climate (like me) than you’ll want to strengthen the PVC midrib using a EMT conduit or rebar.

If you’re planning on trying to assemble the greenhouse don’t substitute the schedule-80 PVC pipe for schedule-40 pipe.   Schedule-80 PVC pipe is highly recommended, for the reason that it possesses a thicker wall and may hold up against high-pressure for extended amounts of time.  In addition, the wood used ought to be treated with an eco-friendly safe preservative such as CCA.  Opt for timber that’s resilient like cedar, redwood, ect.

PVC pipe is certainly a cost-effective and durable material that’s very lightweight and doesn’t chip, corrode, or rust, therefore making it ideal to construct a budget friendly greenhouse that will last.  On the other hand, it isn’t particularly great for the environment and if you’re able to afford something more environmentally friendlier than you should take into consideration other alternate options.

Instructions regarding how to make the greenhouse can be obtained here.

Do you have a PVC greenhouse or plan on building one?


FTC Disclosure: Article is in association with an online PVC fittings supplier.

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  1. R Hicks says

    This is a great DIY greenhouse. To buy one similar is way out of most peoples budget. Printed this one out and will give it a try!

  2. says

    Wow If I could build one for $100 that would be wonderful. The cost of wood is so expensive I can’t imagine building anything even though most of it is PVC and Plastic but the frame itself at each end and the base I would of thought was over $200 itself with out the PVC ,Plastic and hardware. I’ve got to check this out because I would love to have a greenhouse to start a garden this year. I hate even walking in a hardware store or building supply store because the smallest of items are so outrageous now. Today I wanted to buy these little key locks. They are just flat round key hole with threaded piece which controls a metal strip to move and lock a draw or cabinet. They cost me nearly $60 for 6 of them. So if I can build an entire 12′ by 14′ greenhouse for $100 I’m definitely going to do so :)
    Thanks for sharing this post~!

  3. Danielle E. says

    What a great idea. It would be great to have a place outside to start seeds and plants. I usually have them all over the house. It sounds like it wouldn’t be to difficult.

  4. April G says

    This looks amazing! I’m afraid I’d mess it up (badly), but I love the DIY greenhouse. It would be wonderful to have somewhere to grow our own plants, especially in a greenhouse since anything we do try to grow (tomatoes, basil, etc) in pots outside get a late start due to it being so chilly here into early summer.

  5. says

    I would love this. I live at the beach and things don’t get hot here much at the Oregon Coast and we have had horrible summers the last couple of years. It is very windy too so that might be a problem. I am going to talk this over with my husband for I do love to garden, too!!! Thanks for the great plan!

  6. DEBIJOT says

    Since we have moved, we now have more land in which to install a greenhouse. This plan sounds like a winner.

  7. Tim says

    People are very creative with ways to save money. I don’t have room at my place for a greenhouse, but I love little Do it yourself projects like this.

  8. Carol W says

    I am wondering if you were able to do this project and how it came out. I would love to see picture of it done and get your opinion of it done. thanks
    carol w