Raw Organic Cacao Goji Chunks – Need the Recipe!


EVERY weekend I head to my local  health food store to grab myself these incredible Raw Organic Cacao Goji Chunks! I’m fully addicted to the little bites of heaven and I NEED THE RECIPE!  The label at the health store doesn’t tell the manufacturer and only gives the ingredients.  I’ve Googled the description information and I think they are made by Nuts Online.  All I can tell you is each delightful square packs a punch of energy,  as if you have drank a pot of coffee.  However, there is no crash like you get from drinking too much caffeine.  The taste is hard to explain.   It’s a mix of dark chocolaty goodness with a hint of coconut, nuts, and Goji Berries.  The best part is they are actually good for you!  The problem is…they are costing me a mint!  I would love to get my hands on the recipe and make something similar to them at home.  Anyone ever heard of them or have a recipe you would be willing to share?

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  1. Marysa N. says

    I love these kinds of snacks too! I’ve never made them, but I actually just had a similar one to you, or maybe it is the same
    I think the key is using dates as “glue” to hold your ingredients together, whatever they may be:
    Good luck!

  2. says

    These look so good, I wish I knew where to find the recipe, because now I want to make them too!

  3. says

    They look so good, I can’t blame you! I’ve seen recipes for homemade Larabars and I bet you could take one of those and tweak it a little to make these. Of course, it would never be QUITE the same. :)

  4. Rachel - Following In My Shoes says

    They do look good and they look a lot like the “Energy Bites” I’ve seen popping up all over pinterest. . . have you looked at those types of recipes to see if they compare?

  5. Anna Pry says

    did you try asking the store for the manufacturer’s contact info?