HGTV-$75,000 Great Fall Fix-up Sweepstakes


This is a gem of a sweepstakes conducted by HGTV!  Starting today through August 23, 2010,  you can enter the $75,000 Great Fall Fix-up Sweepstakes DAILY at HGTV for the chance to win $75,000 in cash to help fund those BIG fall renovation projects.

The lucky Grand Prize Winner will be selected in a random drawing from among all eligible entries on or about September 15, 2010 by Ritway Inc., an independent judging organization, and will be notified either in person or by overnight courier and phone within approximately three days of the drawing!  Keep your phone next to you around the 15th , because that is one call you wouldn’t want to miss!

Go here to enter!

Can you imagine winning this prize?  I have an old house built back in 1892 and it needs a new roof, windows, a kitchen overhaul,  and TONS of other expensive repairs.  I honestly think I could exhaust the full $75,000 in fixing up my home.

What would you do with $75,000?

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  1. Virgie Hall says

    We have a wood frame home built in 1920s or 30s and has been added on to. The foundation needs leveling, the galvanized water pipes need replacing. Walls need insulating, windows and casings need to be replaced and interior walls needs to be taken out. Financially we can’t even start on it.

  2. says

    Wow Virgie! I feel your pain. House repairs are so costly. Ever since the Katrina disaster lumber is skyrocketing. There is little relief for consumers who are already financially taxed by the recession and in need of imperative house repairs. I wish Obama would have bailed out the American people instead of the banks. I would have used the money to replace my roof.

  3. Leon E Bradley says

    I have a house 20 years old it is not finished yet the bedroom needs the window casings put in the floors need to be done only a sub floor is in.combination kitchen and livingroom needs window casings on the windows and it only has a subfloor too. bathroom needs the walls put on that also only has subfloor too.the other bedroom need window casing put on and ceiling needs to be done and only has a subfloor too.financually i can’t finish it the back roof needs repair

  4. Marianna Kichline says

    We have a bathtub which is difficult to get into and my husband is 84. We need a bath makeover to make it safe

  5. Suzanne Robertson says

    My poor house needs a new roof, new windows, new floors, and a complete remake of the kitchen. I am trying to survive on a teacher’s salary and I just don’t make enough.I would spend every penny of that money carefully. I know I could do everything I needed if I could just win that money….. ♥

  6. Crystal Powers says

    This money would do wonders for our house! It’s about 10 years old now, so things are starting to go wrong and fading out of style. The kitchen is so bland I can hardly stand looking at it. The bathrooms are looking pretty sad as well. Not to mention several of the walls that could use some new paint, a master bath tub that needs re-finished, etc. And don’t let me get started about the exterior….new gutters, landscaping, etc. Oh, the things we could do!!!

  7. says

    I hope one of us wins this sweep! I’ve been entering HGTV sweepstakes for years religiously and never won a stitch of anything, BUT someone has win so maybe one of us will finally get lucky!!!

  8. anita c bowen says

    July 27, 2010

    I’ve lived here for eight years. I now need to reno-
    vate my master bath to be safe as I’m almost eighty. The bathroom now has a shower which is now deterio- rating therefore, I need a tub and several hand bars. I would also like to update my heat and air system.

  9. Kathy Collum says

    I am trying to decorate my spare bedroom so it can be a guestroom and craft room. I spend alot of my TV time watching HGTV and have gotten several wonderful ideas. Now I just need to duplicate them. Also, I would like to build a patio with a fireplace and a water feature, so we could enloy it all year.

  10. says

    i lost my son in 2006 andi took it bad i went to, but they brought me back the hospital/ i raised 5 kids in a 6×9 size kitchen it was hard now i wish i could have newa, big kitchen be for I kick the bucket, it may sound wearid i never had a nice some what of a[ big kitchen] thank you so much for giveing us the change to try to or for one of us to win. thaks again Aggie Stamp.

  11. Christina Willig says

    As a single mother of an amazing, handsome 10-year old son, I had many dreams of being able to stop renting and provide a HOME for my son to finish growing in. Well, as of a few weeks ago…my dream came true. I have finally accomplished one of my biggest goals, and now we can move happily forward. Given this is our FIRST home, it is small and dated. It needs a lot of updating within the kitchen, bathrooms and a partially finished basement. Being that I had to basically use all that I have saved for the purchase of our home, i would LOVE to be able to win the money to transform our small, dated first home into our small, quaint, dream home!! What’s meant to be will be, but I wish you all the best of luck!! :-)

  12. Anjelisa Thomas says

    As a single mother of 12 year old daughter. I was given my grandparents first home which is about 50+ years old. There are so many things that need to be done i dont know where to begin. The hardwood floors need to be refinished, a kitchen and bathroom makeover, and the outside needs curb appeal front and back.I would love to win the money to remodel my home inside and out!! Good luck to all!!

  13. monica cudahy says

    We spend 6 mos of our time in florida and used to spend the rest in New York (as it was our main residence for 38 yrs.) but due to major changes in our economy we are unable to continue as of now. We have 3 great children and 8 beautiful grandchildren that we loved to be with.
    Our children have opened their homes to us when we come back to n.y. but we don’t want to impose on them as they have a busy life. I would love to have a small place close to them to spend quality and precious time with them . maybe this will be our answered prayer. I love your wonderful programs every night if I win you can find me watching HGTV thanks for great shows.

  14. Patricia Green says

    I have gone from homeless to homeowner in the last fifteen years. My house is old but mine when ever I have company either I have to hold it or company so I usually let them use the restroom first. Although My house is small I have lots of room to build back and up.
    Sometimes my kids and their family have to stay with me and that is always a problem one restroom. I like to celebrate the Juneteenth and the 4th of July and someone always ends up using it outside. If I win I want to add a second restroom and a real closet and put a new roof so I can take the tarps and boards off my house. Then have one good celebration.

    Mother of four, and grandmother of four.
    God Bless HGTV
    Thank you all,

  15. Loyda Rodriguez(Lola) says

    Right now i have a make believe kitchen, I need a real one.The attic is our master and needs closet’s space.Plus i would like to bring our 19000 house/home to it’s old glory.W/75,000 you could make it happen.
    Did I mentioned? I’m hooked to HGTV.Thanks for your tips,information and such great and diverse indoors/outdoors designers.Overall is very entertaining.

  16. Maryann says

    My home was left to me at the age of 15 when my Father passed. For years my family rented it out to tenants that never worked out. And, the house was always left in worse condition after each tenant. Now the house is completely empty and is in need of a new roof, flooring, cabinets, and landscaping. My dream is to win this money and make my Father’s house a home for my family once again.

  17. Joan Dillon says

    Single mom bought my current house when going through a divorce…it was built back in the 60’s. Needs new windows the ones in currently when u slide them to open or close the handle part is starting to get brittle and are breaking off. Also a floor to ceiling window is not in good shape. Kitchen needs to be brought up to date like everything else. Needs new roof and rain gutters with covers tried to put gutter covers on myself but don’t think its working to well….new carpet and flooring when kitchen gets remodeled Had some new wiring done along with some new plumbing but needs to get finished. Would really love to win this.

    August 20th

    Older mom…with one still at home

  18. Maribel Checho says

    Please help us!! we had no idea on how to remodel, fix or coordinate anything,my husband and I never agree on anything when it comes to make thing flow and look nice in the house. This house was built in te 70’s (I believe)This house needs a lot of work to be done; we still have the original windows, showers and bathrooms, the kitchen needs new counter tops, Our backyard needs a retaining wall and patio cover. The money and your professionals will make such a diference in our lives. I hope you will concider our house for these so needed repairs. I’ll be forever grateful to you. Did I mention how much I enjoy the HGTV channel? It’s so inspiring!!

  19. says

    Hi Maribel!

    I’m not affiliated with HGTV in any sort or manner. Please make sure you enter at the actual sweepstakes and NOT HERE. This post was to just let my readers know about the sweepstakes and to discuss how I would love to win this prize. However, thank you for stopping by and commenting! I wish you and everyone on here good luck!

  20. says

    i want give you fake or lies about my situation, i ‘ll tell you the truth. i just neda place to stay. and this would my a change that my life could use.

  21. Kathleen Langston says

    Single women that needs lots of repairs done to her house.

  22. debra sloan says

    I have a galley kitchen about 6 ft by 10 ft. Can’t even put my refig. in it. I always dream of a bigger kitchen. It would be so very nice to have a kitchen that others could visit with me while I cook. Not to mention enough room for someone to help me cook.

    Dream Mom

  23. wanda lynch says

    Who won the $75,000.00 Great fall remodeling contest? I know that everyone that applied will be happy for the winner.

  24. Dorothy Morris says

    I am at a transition in my life. After 20+ years of marriage, I find myself forced to find ME again. A newly redesigned home would definitely be a plus on my new beginning.